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tesa® tesa 60412 Recycled PET Packaging Tape

tesa® 60412 Recycled PET Packaging Tape

Product Description

tesa® 60412 is a sustainable packaging tape based on a 70% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) PET backing and a water-based acrylic adhesive system. tesa® 60412 has a strong and abrasion resistant backing with excellent bearing and wear properties. It features a very consistent, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive, making this product the perfect solution for light- and medium-weight packaging application (max. 30 kg). The material combination guarantees a low noise unwind and an excellent printability with all types of ink systems.
tesa® 60412 not only provides an outstanding performance, but it is also an advanced alternative contributing to sustainability:

  • The backing material is made of post-consumer recycled PET (70% recycled content).
  • This product can be disposed together with the box into the blue bin without endangering the cardboard recycling process (certified according to INGEDE method 12).
  • The production process of this product is solvent-free

tesa® 60412 offers excellent performance on recycled cardboard

Application Fields

  • Sealing of cardboard boxes
  • Suitable for light- and medium-weight packaging applications (max. 30 kg)
  • Excellent adhesion in recycled cardboard
  • Suitable for manual and automatic dispensers
  • Brand showcase and advertising purposes through custom printing

Product Construction

Total Sustainable Product Content Post-Consumer Recycled
Backing material PET
Type of adhesive water-based acrylic
Bio-based or recycled content Backing Material Recycled 70 % %
Total thickness 56 µm

Properties / Performance Values

Elongation at break 130 %
Core diameter 3
Humidity resistance yes
Transparency yes
Residue free removal no
Solvent free yes
Tear resistance yes
Printability very good
Low noise unwinding yes
Manual application yes
Low unwinding force no
Tensile strength 60 N/cm
Automatic application yes
Hand tearability medium
Suitable surfaces Cardboard
Adhesive strength Standard adhesion

Additional Info

Adhesion to steel 3 N/cm

Additional Info

Available in transparent. Brown and white are available upon request.