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tesa® 51495 Foil Tape

tesa® 51495 Foil Tape

Product Description

tesa® 51495 PV2 consists of aluminium foil reinforced with polyethylene scrim which is coated with a synthetic rubber based adhesive.

Application Fields

  • Joining roofing and wall insulation
  • Wrapping of pipes
  • Sealing air conditioning ducts

Product Construction

Thickness of tape 205 µm
Type of adhesive synthetic rubber
Type of liner paper
Color of liner white
Thickness of liner 85 µm
Backing material aluminium foil
Color silver

Properties / Performance Values

Elongation at break 20 %
Liner release force 0.3 N/cm
Tensile strength 45 N/cm
Temperature resistance min. -20 °C
Operation temperature up to 80 °C
Hand tearability no
Operation temperature from -20 °C

Adhesion to Values

Adhesion to Steel 9 N/cm