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tesa® 4590 Filament Tape

tesa® 4590 Filament Tape

Product description

tesa® 4590 is a general purpose unidirectional / single-weave filament tape based on glass filaments laminated to polyester film. The tape is used for industrial bundling, palletising and fixing applications. tesa® 4590 combines good longitudinal tensile strength with very low elongation. The synthetic rubber adhesive system ensures a secure bond to various substrates, even to non-polar surfaces like PE and PP. tesa® 4590 features a very high tack and a short dwell time until reaching final adhesive strength. The tape also exhibits excellent adhesion to a variety of corrugated and solid cardboard surfaces. tesa® 4590 is tear-resistant.

Application Fields

  • tesa® 4590 is a unidirectional filament tape used for a range of industrial purposes including:
  • Bundling and palletising
  • Heavy-duty carton sealing
  • Transport securing
  • Fixing
  • End-tabbing

Product Construction

Type of adhesive synthetic rubber
Total thickness 105 µm
Backing material glassfibre / PET film

Properties / Performance Values

Tensile strength 250 N/cm

Adhesion to Values

Adhesion to steel 9 N/cm