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tesa® 4298 Strapping Tape

tesa® 4298 Strapping Tape

Product description

tesa® 4298 premium grade strapping tape consists of a medium-duty tensilised polypropylene backing with a natural rubber adhesive system. The tape adheres well to both polar and non-polar (hard to stick) surfaces and features a high tensile strength and a low elongation.
tesa® 4298 has been engineered to be both stain and adhesive transfer-resistant, meaning it will not leave behind any residues once removed. It features high tack, strong adhesion and resistance to environmental stress. It is easy to handle and can be removed residue-free. The strapping tape is especially suitable for holding and securing applications in the metal, fabrication and appliance industry.

Application Fields

  • tesa® 4298 is mainly used for closing, holding and securing applications
  • The tape can also be used for reinforcing
  • The strapping tape is widely used in the metal, appliance, office equipment and furniture industries
  • The high holding power and residue-free removal makes it ideal for end tabbing applications in the metal industry
  • The natural rubber adhesive ensures a strong hold on both polar and non-polar surfaces
  • The tape can be removed residue-free

Product Construction

Type of adhesive natural rubber
Total thickness 114 µm
Backing material PMOPP

Properties / Performance Values

Elongation at break 35 %
Tensile strength 300 N/cm
No discolouration Yes
Residue free removal Yes

Adhesion to Values

Adhesion to steel 5 N/cm